Golfcube technology

We make it easy to create additional profits using the latest technology.

Overview :

GolfCube has partnered with the top technologies in the golf industry to deliver a second-to-none luxury experience to your visitors.

Technology today is no longer an expense, but a revenue driver, offering near instant ROI.

From technologies that allow your golfers to see their efforts and track progress, to systems that keep them comfortable, you can have it all.

Your GolfCubes can be completely customized and we offer turn-key solutions so you don’t have to put a puzzle together to create raving fans of your facility.

We can consult with you regarding your goals and your needs, then help you select a technology and comfort package that fits your facility and needs.

We’ll take care of all the details for you, so you can focus on your actual business of growing members.

Below are some examples of our partners and opportunities:

inrange technology

The ultimate player practice and progression suite.

Overview :

A compelling practice experience that keeps them playing – and improving – with the stats to prove it.
Immersive multiplayer gaming that redefines what it means to play golf, and opens up your facility to a whole new kind of guest.
Not every range can offer their players a round of virtual golf on championship courses from around the world – but with Inrange+ Courses, yours can.

Inrange enables players to follow their own practice routine, with precision radar tracking of every shot & in-depth data for good measure.

Instead of cameras that are restricted to tracking in daytime hours and lack accuracy, we place multiple no-maintenance radar sensors around your range. Through what seems like magic, each sensor is able to track the flight of every ball within its field of view.

Benefits :

The Repeat Visit App

You can even provide a branded app for your customers to encourage repeat visits and encourage referrals. The Inrange® app solves the two main problems players face time and again:

“I don’t know how far I’m hitting the ball with each of my clubs, which is fundamental to how I play out on the course.”

“My driving range sessions lack structure, purpose, intention and fun. I leave the range not knowing how I played, or whether I’ve improved.”

In-app features including skill-based challenges, exhaustive cloud-synced shot data and the world’s first driving range handicap, make the Inrange Handicap™️, the Inrange® app is everything players need to make practice purposeful, engaging, progress-oriented and rewarding.

With the Inrange® app, players can finally answer the most important question of all: “How well did I play today?”

Powertee technology

The world’s number one internationally patented automated teeing system.

Overview :

Power Tee is an automatic teeing (auto tee) system.

It is designed to enhance the customer experience on the Driving Range, at the Country Club or any outdoor environment with our award-winning golf practice aid.

Power Tee provides a better experience and more income for the commercial driving range. the PowerTee system reduces the time a golfer needs between swings.

With Power Tee, play speeds up by at least 25 percent, which means while you could only give four golfers a chance to practice their game before, you can now give five golfers an opportunity for the same period.

This reduces the wait time and frustration for your golfers if you are running a busy range.

Power Tee, tees up over 6 million golf balls per day across 18 different countries around the world, including UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Benefits :

comfort technology options

Personalize your Golfcube for your location and demographic needs.

Overview :

Your facility, location and customers are likely unique to your area.

Why not delivery a perfect enhancing solution to your customers while you turn them into raving fans?

Even though the GolfCube installation occurs in days, not months, you can still personalize your structures to meet the needs of your visitors. location and to fit your goals. 

If you make it easy for visitors to stay longer and come back more often, you both win.

Opportunities :